Silent Hill

by CryingHorn



Here is finally my musical tribute to Silent Hill. This is something I've been working on for while and now I finally managed to finish it on my spare time. I composed this using only the same original samples that Akira Yamaoka used for original Silent Hill. Since there are folks out there who started to dig what kind of sound libraries Akira used for SH and posted what they managed to find on some forums, I was happy to make an excuse for my idea :) Anyway this took a while cause it has 11 parts and it is 17 minutes long, so I hope you'll like it. Cheers!


released 01 October 2012




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CryingHorn Lithuania

Andrius Balciunas is a CG/music artist. Even though he is more known as CG artist in a first place, music is his deep passion that complements his life and his own creativity. He believes that expression of visual art and music shares same principles that are strongly interdependent. “I feel like when I’m learning one, I’m also learning a lot another, even though it seems they are irrelevant”. ... more

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